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An Introduction to Bondage

I honestly believe that the word “kink” has a bad perception in most people’s minds.  They think that it is wrong, weird and that people who are “kinky” want to do bad things to themselves and others.  I come from a conservative place and have met some of the nicest, most genuine and caring people in the “kink” community.

An alternative lifestyle is one that I live every day compared to most people and I get genuine love and satisfaction from it.  But hey, I am a normal caring loving supportive woman who enjoys doing very normal things that most people would be surprised to learn about me hehe.

How My Interest In Bondage Started.

I was introduced to the world of BDSM through a friend of mine.  She taught me the basics after seeing her in action during a session and I was instantly hooked.  From there, my love of bondage grew and grew to where it is now.  It is my passion and my fetish and I am always looking to improve.  I have taken 2 workshops on it in the last 6 months.

Japanese bondage particularly interests me and I have been fortunate enough to learn “Shibari” which is stunningly beautiful when done right.  Not only is it art, but the submissive can walk away knowing that they have enjoyed a truly memorable experience and not have been hurt.  I am also proud to say that I have given lessons to a few of my friends (who are also Professional Dominatrix’s) over the last few months in such bondage which was real fun for me.

My Favorite Bondage Activities

I used to love Predicament bondage greatly (it is still really really fun seeing that look of surprise in my submissive’s eyes when he realizes movement is not easy haha) but now it has shifted to more artistic Japanese style bondage as I mentioned before.  The artistic webs and intricate rope bondage is just amazing……not only does it look beautiful it allows me to really enjoy my sessions as well with my sub’s.

Also, mummification combined with bondage……just simply WOW.  Good bondage takes time and care.  The last thing I want is to hurt my client through restricting blood supply anywhere on the body and communication is key to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Practice, practice, practice and constant communication is really the only way to create the perfect moment.

I am lucky in that I have my very own personal rope bunny to practice on.  I may be concentrating on my artistic bondage and he might be watching Netflix, but hey it works hehe.

Tools Every Beginner To Bondage Must Have

Good quality rope.  It is that simple.  Cheap quality rope will itch, burn and fall apart.  I have been fortunate enough to have access to Japanese treated Jute rope which is just fantastic for bondage.  It doesn’t itch, its incredibly strong (can be used for suspension) and lasts a long time.  Also, and from personal experience, have a pair of scissors handy at all times (not a knife haha).

Stepping Up To More Advanced Bondage

Depending on where you are playing, working or experimenting you need something strong to tie the ropes to.  A good bed with a frame is ideal, however with an active imagination a couch, a strong table, or a chair can be just as good.  Of course, bondage furniture is the ultimate goal for bondage and I have enjoyed many amazing sessions in dungeons around the world which has such facilities.

I am also lucky in that I have my very own personally made bondage bed which is well in a word……amazing.  As your skills grow, mummification is a great form of bondage.  It looks extreme, however when done right is fun, challenging, restrictive and is a constant sensory deprivation and memorable experience for the submissive.  Cling wrap and duct tape are a great combination.

How To Make Bondage Safe & Fun

Firstly, communication for the safety aspect.  You can easily get lost in a session and be in “Domme Space” just as much as the sub can be in “sub space”.  I always communicate by simply asking if you are okay and not in pain which unless it’s a specific requirement is never the aim.  Bondage is about restriction of movement and being uncomfortable and to make it fun for both myself and my submissive there are many ways to do this.

Always take care and time to ensure that the knots are comfortable on the body and not digging into bones or sensitive areas on the body.  Sensory deprivation by hoods, eye shades and other methods allows for me to start using the situation within the agreed limitations of the sub but pushing them at the same time.

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