Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT


I never know what my Queen is going to do when she decides to play, and I don’t try to guess and anticipate. Tonight is no different. She tells me to put on a little maid outfit. I oblige. Then she sits me in front of the mirror and applies makeup. Her skill grows; she gets the effect she wants in little time. She puts a black wig on my head and I am transformed once again. Her feminized slave.

She bids me stand while she ties my arms behind me. I am to be bound on a low black table. So be it. She is quick with the ropes. In a few minutes my arms are tightly bound behind me. I am encircled with rings of rope and my wrists are equally well secured. She tells me to lie face down on the table. I get down on my knees, stretch myself across the table. Before long, I am fixed there with multiple ropes tightly criss crossing my back. They feel so strong that they might as well be steel bands. Next she binds my legs and feet so they are fixed to my thighs. I cannot see her, but I hear her; she verbalizes a little; sounds of joy and pleasure. I feel her spirit. She flows around me, perfectly in tune with who she is and what she does. She finishes. She sits on the sofa. The ropes are very tight all over me. She tells me to move. I cannot, not at all. She laughs in ecstasy. The sound excites me but I am heavily bound; breathing is difficult as her ropes crush me hard on the table. It is another moment of utter helplessness.

Soon she starts to release me and I can breathe again. It is quick. Soon I am standing, free. She decides on another position. First she ties my cock and balls, separating them. It’s uncomfortable though not painful. I am to lie on my back on the table. She quickly fastens my hands to the table. She ties me to the table, fixing ropes to my chest and shoulders. Soon I am immobilized again. She pushes my knees up and out. My ligaments are stretched. It hurts. She asks if it’s ok. I tell her it hurts, but it’s ok. She ties me into that position. Next I feel a plug enter my anus. Soon it is pleasurably buzzing deep inside me. But the pain in my ligaments grows. I am afraid of them getting over stretched. I tell her. She soon releases my legs. Then the rest of my body.

I am in a deep state; impossible to describe; sub space, yes, but no words can describe the depth of it. She is deep in Domme space. She is radiant. She puts a cushion on the floor, tells me to kneel and start playing with myself. I have been in chastity for six weeks yet I have had no thought of cumming during this incredible time of heavy bondage. But I get some lube and start playing. She tells me to lie on my back. She is behind and above me. I play. She plays with my nipples. My excitement grows. Soon she tightens my scarf a little. It brings me to orgasm and six weeks of pent up energy explode from me. It seems to go on forever. I lie back exhausted and in a different world. She relaxes. After a while we come back closer to earth. We chat a little. I start to clean up.

To be totally immobilized in vulnerable positions by the power of her ropes is an extraordinary experience. She loves bondage, perhaps more than anything else in her array of skills. She enters the flow state as she freely expresses her deepest involvement, and so do I. As her slave, it is certainly the thing that affects me the most deeply. I always feel amazed and honoured that she loves to subject me to this most powerful of her practices.


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