Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT

Do's and Don'ts when asking a professional Mistress for a session:



*Look at and read her website.

*Sign the application that you'll find on her website.

*Tell her if you've previously served a Mistress.

*Tell her about your fantasies.

*If you're a first timer, first inform yourself by searching your BDSM interests online.

*Send a deposit, unless you have a reference from a previous Mistress. If she confirms your reference you don't have to pay a deposit.


*Don't ask what services she provides because it will depend on your fetishes, fantasies and limitations.

*Don't ask for her location without discussing your interests and what you're looking for in the session.

*Don't just say that you want to be dominated; be specific.

*Don't ask if she provides sex, because the answer is No and you should know that.

*Don't compare her tribute with others. Every Mistress has her specialty.

*Don't ask for a discount even if another Mistress gave you one.

*Don't ask for photos or videos. There will be plenty on her website. And videos are not free.

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