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Shopping Sequel


Later that afternoon we both tried on our new silk dresses. She looked superb in her black version. I looked less than superb in my red one. But it fulfilled its function, which was to restrict my movements, and to keep me generally constricted. It gives my Queen pleasure to see me like this.

Soon after that I was preparing to use my computer when I heard her come into the living room. I turned. She was still dressed in her new black dress. I was in my red one. She also had black high heels on. As always, I was struck dumb by her magnificent appearance.  She said “I want to play.” She had a fierce gleam in her eyes and then I noticed that she held a plastic bag in one hand. “Kneel on the cushion.”  I replied “Can I close the computer first?”  She simply glared at me so I dropped to my knees and she placed the bag over my head. She fumbled with the zip closure and gradually the bag tightened around my head and I started to be able to breathe less oxygen.

Not satisfied with the zip locks, my Queen pulled the bottom of the bag tight around my neck with her hand. My head was now locked inside the bag and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I ran out of oxygen altogether. As I tried to breathe evenly, and opened my mouth wide, she forced my head back and our eyes locked and I saw her ecstasy and I felt my own joining with her, and we were one.

She sighed and moaned with pleasure as I struggled for air. When I was close to passing out she opened the bag and I was able to take some deep breaths, as she smiled and sighed, and pulled the bag closed again.  She pulled my head into her body and I felt her love as well as the intensity of her control.  She said “Play with yourself.”  I complied.  Again she vocalized her extreme pleasure, and again I struggled, until she released again. She continued this way, opening and closing the bag, until after yet another opening I slowly collapsed at her feet, exhausted. “Don’t be weak, my slave,” she murmured, and I struggled to my knees. She continued the cycle, then stopped and fetched a black scarf. She tied it tight over my face and head to form a hood. I could see her vague form through the silk. I breathed slowly. Then she took it off and wound it around my neck and pulled it tight. It cut off my breath and I felt my face start to grow larger, until she gave an exultant cry and released me. Then she said “Show me how you do it. I want to see you cum.”   I obeyed. I sat on the floor, knotted the scarf tight around my neck, and asked for some lubricant. She told me where it was, I staggered to get it, put some in my hand, and lay down again. I began to play with and stroke myself, while she sighed and moaned as she looked on from a position behind my head. I was getting closer to orgasm. She put the bag over my head again, then I suddenly felt her weight on my head as she sat on me, covering my nose, and leaving my mouth partially covered by the plastic. As I played she pressed the plastic hard over my mouth so my breathing was completely stopped. I kept up my stroking and pumping. She released and sighed and moaned. Then she lifted herself, pinched my nose with one hand and covered my mouth with the other. Again I was airless, until she released again.

Finally she sat heavily on me, blocking my nose, and held the plastic hard over my mouth. I was totally smothered. The words came into my mind “She’s not going to release me. She’s going to kill me.”  She didn’t release me and as my body grew desperate for life giving oxygen, and as she still didn’t allow it, my cock erupted, and I felt the cum splattering over my belly, while she cried out in ecstasy, and released me.

I lay there for some time, my mind gone, my emotions suspended like clouds in a windless sky. Finally I recovered, showered, and the day resumed.

This magnificent woman, my Queen, knows me in the deepest parts of my being. She knows how to meet me there, so that my soul is consumed by hers. And that is what it is to be her slave. I am used, abused, and consumed by her, and I have never been happier.



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