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Shopping for my slave

My Queen loves clothes, and her fashion sense is individual and superb. When she chooses clothes for herself her choice is perfect. She also chooses clothes for her slave, which are suitable to his status and his various roles, and they too are perfect.

Earlier she had instructed me to find a secretary outfit. One of my Queens great enjoyments is to feminize her slave. She had decided that if I was to be her office assistant then I should dress appropriately.

I spent a considerable amount of time looking at designs and combinations, and finally presented her with some possibilities. I had identified something that I thought was beautiful and practical; she agreed and chose it. She also chose some other items, for herself and her slave.

Some time later we called in to a large tailoring shop. We explained our requirements. My Queen stood to be measured, her demeanor simultaneously regal and nonchalant. When I stood for my turn I was far from comfortable. Perhaps they had measured a man for women’s clothes before but I doubted it. Nevertheless I tried to project an air of confidence and professionalism. The two male tailors were rather solemn, but the female adopted a wide smile when she was assured that the clothes were for me also.

The measuring began, a highly detailed and lengthy process. When the tailors were satisfied that they had what they needed, they explained that they would complete the tailoring to an almost finished state. Then they would need to have a fitting session, to finalize details and to make sure that the final result would be perfect. My Queen showed a rare sign of slight impatience. (“I am the Queen, after all,”) as she sometimes reminds me. She is a very busy woman. Her time is precious, her most valuable commodity. The chief tailor explained with the greatest politeness, and some firmness, that the fitting stage was essential to achieve perfection in the final product. My Queen seeks perfection in her own professional life, so she accepted his explanation graciously. We chose the fabrics and colours. The measuring finished, I paid a deposit, and we left.

These clothes were to be of the best quality, and finest cloth. Therefore they would be expensive. My Queen was annoyed at her slave for choosing such an expensive option. I explained that I believed that she would be very pleased with the results, and that it would be worth the expense. She listened, and her only comment was a rather sharp “You will wear these every day.”   “Yes, my Queen.”

The following evening one of the tailors came to our hotel. He asked my Queen to put her dress on. She obliged. Unfinished as it was, it already looked magnificent on her. He made some alterations, based on her instructions. When her fitting was finished I sheepishly put my clothes on, and my Queen gave instructionsas to the finished look that she required. When all was complete, I paid the tailor the balance, he explained that the finished clothes would be sent to our hotel the following day, and he left.

As promised the package arrived the following day around 5.00 PM. We were too busy to open them just then. My Queen wanted to attend a sports event, and I was to accompany her. We arrived home late in the evening. She was tired and went straight to her room to sleep. I also was tired. I completed a few small tasks and retired.

The next morning I opened my packages after giving my Queen her wake up call, and dressed myself in the secretary outfit. It was superb. I prepared juice and coffee, and waited. Shortly she came out, still sleepy. We greeted each other, and she sat down at the table, having not looked at me in her still drowsy state. I stood by, ready for any instructions. She finished her juice and I took the glass to the kitchen. I returned, busied myself. Suddenly, a surprised exclamation of delight. She had glanced at me, and was extremely pleased with the outfit. She got up, made some adjustments, and purred “Excellent. Beautiful. Now you will always serve me dressed like this. And we will need to buy some matching shoes. Flats will be ok.”

She was happy. When I see this, I also am happy. It is one of my goals to always add to her pleasure and enjoyment in any way I can. This was a happy occasion for both of us. We have yet to try on the dresses that we ordered. No doubt they will be perfect also. Now I am looking forward to the slightly challenging task of visiting shoe shops, and trying on possibly many pairs of women’s shoes, until my Queen declares that we have found the perfect pair. I always enjoy these outings. It is wonderful to be with my Queen in all her many modes and appearances. This slave is a happy slave.

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