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She's Breathtaking

After brunch she orders me to clean up then go to her play bed. As I clean, I wonder what is coming. I start to get a little nervous, which is usual. I have no idea what she has in mind, so I have no expectation. Her creativity seems to be endless.


I go to the bed, sit and wait. She soon comes in and tells me to lie down on my stomach. I obey. She ties my ankles with a scarf, and orders me to put my hands behind my back. They are quickly tied. Then my ankles and wrists are pulled together and I am held helplessly in a hog tie. Nothing happens for a minute then a big gag is stuffed in my mouth and tightly secured. Then she gets onto the bed and I feel her weight on me as she stands on my back. Her feet are soft but strong. She walks on me, then gets off. Then she laughs, and says “Stay like that. I will have my shower.” 


I lie there for quite a while. Then she comes in and releases me from the hog tie, and frees my hands. My ankles stay tied. She tells me to turn over. She is wearing a favourite outfit, black and simple. She is astonishingly beautiful and powerful.


Then she gets on to my chest and sits there while she pulls a scarf tight around my neck. And she closes my nose with her fingers. I am soon short of breath but nowhere near my limit. She releases me, and I breathe again. She repeats and repeats this. I repeat over and over again “Oh my Queen; oh my Queen.” She is excited, sighing and laughing. I am loving it. It is real, but not threatening.


She orders me to play with myself, and I begin. She wants to see me cum. I play with my cock, she plays with my breath. She changes position and captures my neck with her thighs. I am surprised. I have never experienced this before, though I have fantasized about it. She squeezes and I feel the power of her legs. What a feeling! My breath is slowed. I love what she is doing. She alternately squeezes and releases. She holds my eyes with hers, the whole time. We are connected.


Then I feel my eyes widen into a stare. I have no feeling or thought. I just know I am staring into her eyes. After a minute unwraps her legs and says “Stand. I’m going to whip you!”  I am shocked and surprised. Why does she want to whip me at this moment?  Ten or twelve quick heavy lashes fall on my back and shoulders. I gasp at the pain. It stops. She says “You are challenging me. Don’t do it. Don’t challenge my limitation. Lie down.”  I don’t understand. But I obey, and the play starts again.


She uses the scarf and her hands to slow my breath, while I keep playing. She changes position and sits on my face, facing forwards. My breath is mostly stopped. It is tremendously exciting. She lifts off and I breathe fully. She sits again. She lifts, and turns around to face my feet. I feel her weight on my face, my nose. I can breathe, but not fully. She lifts again. Repeats. Sitting on me she makes small alterations in her position. She knows how to let me breathe a little, and how to refuse me completely. Which she does, and it brings me near to orgasm. She lifts and I breathe in two deep breaths before she comes down again. Again she moves slightly till I can get no air at all. I cum, a big spurt over my belly. I am in total ecstasy, the orgasm seemingly lasting forever. When it’s finished she gets off me, tells me to clean myself. For a few minutes I rest, gathering the bits of my mind and emotions, and soon head for the shower.


Once dressed, she calls me to come; she wants to talk to me. I kneel on the floor in front of her. She talks about my stare. To her it was a red flag. She interpreted it as a challenge, egging her on to go further. For me, there was no challenge, no desire to let her go further. In that moment I had no thought or emotion. It meant nothing. But her understanding was different.

She reminds me that she has no limits, and nor do I. We are both extreme. She poses the question; what would happen if we both lost control, and lost all sense of limitation. Of course it could very likely end in total disaster. The end of my life and the end of all her hopes and dreams for the future. I tell her that I was nowhere near my limit in this session. She carries on, reminding me that I have to be just as responsible as she is. I must communicate. I have a safe word and I must use it. She is right; I have only ever used it once. And it is true that I can get lost in these extreme moments. So I promise her that in future I will communicate with her, not only in case of needing to use the safe word, but also telling her what’s happening with me minute to minute.


It is another lesson, an extremely important one. Wild as we both are, I need to keep myself safe, and she needs to know that I am safe.


Lesson learned.


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