Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT

A Noble Profession

Many people are ignorant about the role of the Dominatrix. They don’t know what she does, and they are too lazy and narrow minded to do some research and learn the truth.


The Dominatrix is not a prostitute nor is she any kind of escort. She does not offer herself for sex. The true Dominatrix makes this very clear from the outset. Yet still many people ignore this reality.


The Dominatrix exists to serve the needs of submissive men, and sometimes women, who have a need to submit themselves to a strong, beautiful, intelligent, dominant woman. In their submission they may crave bondage, or various kinds of punishment. They not only want to submit to the Dominatrix, they want to please her by offering themselves to her for her own pleasure. The Dominatrix often, though not always, enjoys inflicting pain. This gives her pleasure. The submissive man or woman gains pleasure from the giving of themselves for the pleasure of the Dominatrix. They want and crave this.


In her ordinary day to day life the Dominatrix is no different to any other woman. She has her loves, her losses, her family, her joys, her challenges, her friends, her ordinary pleasures. She is a woman.


She is not a prostitute. The roles are totally different. As Dominatrix she doesn’t engage in sex with any submissive. Prostitutes and Dominatrices have different purposes. They are there to satisfy the respective needs of their clients. The best Dominatrices help their submissives to gain the deepest fulfillment. A prostitute cannot serve this purpose. Only a Dominatrix can fulfill the needs of those who want and need to submit. That is what she does, and it is all that she does.

Queen Kali Rain is a Dominatrix.   


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