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Pain and Pleasure

It’s January 20th. She takes me to the dungeon. This will be my first adventure there. I have been highly stressed and exhausted, especially the last two days. But I know I must control it because my Queen feels it and becomes stressed too. I have been practicing deep breathing, and relaxing my mind. It is effective tonight. I am tired, a little nervous, but barely stressed at all.
We enter.  It is very dark. My eyes fail to adjust and I’m almost blind. We are greeted by the domme whom I was introduced to on an earlier visit. She takes us to a room and the three of us sit down. They chat while another domme brings us drinks. It is apparent that the one sitting with us is involved, but I don’t know how. My Queen goes to another room to change out of her street clothes. She emerges wearing a beautiful black highly erotic domme outfit with tall black narrow boots.  I’ve seen this before, and I love it. She is tall, regal, magnificent.
She sits and enlightens me about the coming session. The other one will be joining us for the session. I am surprised, and I start addressing her as Mistress. My Queen says “Have you forgotten how to greet your Mistress?” I am confused until she glances down and I see the Mistress’ booted foot raised for kissing. My Queen taught me this when we first met. Those first moments with her are etched in my memory and I will never forget them. I hadn’t realized that I should greet this Mistress in the same way. I drop to my knees and begin a lengthy kissing of her black boots. My Queen tells me that I should treat this Mistress in the same way as I treat her. “Ok, but you are the one who owns me, my Queen.”  “Yes I am, but you will still conduct yourself with her as you do with me. She is part of us at this time.” “Ok, I understand.”  “Good.”  I finish kissing until she wordlessly communicates to me that it’s enough. It has been a little strange. I am happy to submit to this domme; I neither enjoy nor dislike the kissing. I love my Queen. I merely like and am attracted to the dominance of this other tall woman, and I respect her for who she is, but I don’t feel anything for her beyond that.
We chat a little longer, then my Queen tells me to strip. There is a cross nearby. They fix me to it, ankles and wrists wide apart. It’s not uncomfortable. I’m starting to enjoy it. Then my Queen ties my balls with a long white rope. I gasp as she pulls the ends taut and the rope squeezes me. She sighs and laughs a little with pleasure. She attaches them to a distant point a metre from the floor, forming a triangle. As she does so the Mistress is caressing my back and sides with fingers and fingernails. She finds sensitive places and I jump and wriggle like a child being tickled. It happens again and again. She asks“Why?”  I tell her“I’m sensitive there.”   “Ah….sensitive,” she murmers. I know they will focus on this area. It is very pleasurable; I’m enjoying myself, as is my Queen who stands back watching and smiling. The Mistress moves to my cock and balls, stroking. I love it. She stands and plays with my nipples, stroking and lightly pinching, gazing into my eyes all the while. I return her gaze and murmur“Mistress.”  She smiles. The pleasure is intense. She pinches harder, then attaches clamps. It hurts much more, and I moan a little. My Queen’s pleasure increases. She lifts a booted foot and steps on the rope, tightening and stretching my balls. I gasp and moan; she laughs, lifts her foot and does it again. She is enjoying herself, laughing and sighing with great pleasure as she stands and watches my face, and the Mistress playing. I am greatly enjoying seeing my Queen’s happiness. The dungeon is the heart of her world and she’s entering the zone.

The Mistress walks back and steps on the rope. My Queen laughs loudly, enjoying the pain she sees on my face. Presently the Mistress starts lightly slapping my balls, then my cock. It hurts my balls. I moan and she smiles. My Queen laughs and sighs and moans. It is clear that her enjoyment is intense. The Mistress goes behind me. She starts caressing my right buttock. It is very pleasurable. Suddenly she slaps, hard. I jump. My Queen laughs, saying “She’s strong!” I agree. The Mistress moves to the other side and repeats the process. The pain comes suddenly. I jump again and my Queen laughs loudly.
The Mistress moves away. My Queen comes close, her face alive with pleasure. I love to see her like this. She smiles as she gazes into me. “How are you?”  “Really good.”  “Good. Me too. Now you are understanding more of me and my world.”  “Yes, I am, my Queen.” I smile into her eyes. The Mistress approaches with a small flogger in her hand. She starts stroking my cock and balls. I love it. So do they. She gives my balls a whack, and I jump and gasp. She smiles and my Queen laughs and sighs. Again, several times. Then she moves behind me and my buttocks are stroked and stroked. Then she whips me, hard. It really hurts. I jump and gasp loudly. My Queen is beside herself with pleasure, moaning and sighing and laughing. The Mistress stops after several strokes and comes and look into my eyes. She caresses me again. My Queen comes close too. She gazes into my eyes and I start crying from unknown depths. It is pure emotion. It is cathartic, and I release the last vestiges of my concerns and stresses. My Mistress asks “Why?”  “Emotion,” I reply, seeing the power in her, and tears pour from my eyes. My Queen says “What’s happening?”  I reply, “It’s pure emotion, I don’t know what. It’s not the pain. Just emotion.”  She smiles.  For the first time, I’m high. We are deeply entwined in our psychic depths.  It’s an extraordinary moment.
After a while they stop and release my wrists and ankles. My Queen directs me to crawl to another cross. I obey. I know I am about to be whipped. I have no fear. They fasten me, my Mistress retreats, and my Queen talks to me. “Now you will receive your punishment. Thirty strokes.”  “Yes my Queen.”  I am attentive but unconcerned. “You know you communicate your stress to me, because you can’t control it. I feel it, and I also become stressed and it makes me unhappy. It happened at the airport. Ten strokes for that. Then the other day you made me walk to the apartment because you handled the taxi ride poorly. Ten strokes. The other night you started to doubt me and lose your trust in me. Ten strokes for that. Do you trust me now?”  “I trust you 100% my Queen.”  “Good.”  Now, your Mistress will share in your punishment. Ten strokes for her, twenty for me.”  “Ok”.  Everything is great. I’m high. I have no fear. The whipping starts, on my buttocks. It is like fire, yet not excruciating, and I’m happy. I am not myself. I have entered an unknown place deep inside me. The whipping continues, my Queen laughing and moaning continuously. The blows move to my sides. It really hurts, but I’m fine. I jump and writhe. I don’t know who’s doing the whipping.
It stops. My Queen is radiant as she says “It’s finished.”  I have never seen her as happy as this. I love to see it, and am happy too. They release me, and we go back to the other room. My Queen goes to the bar. Shortly, she returns. Go and pay the bill.”  “Yes my Queen.”  She leaves again. I slowly go the bar, still naked. I am totally unembarrassed as I pass the other dommes. I find the place to pay. My Mistress talks to the barmaid, who disappears. The domme next to me smiles and briefly fingers my side. She enjoys the stripes she obviously finds there. I smile. The bill comes, and I count the money. Although it’s in my wallet, it is my Queen’s money. It’s not quite enough, and I show the pile of notes to my Mistress. She counts, and says something to the barmaid. She disappears and shortly returns with my Queen, who completes the payment. She disappears again. I try to find my way back to the room to get dressed, but I hardly know where I am. I am lost in a different world and can’t find my own way back. My Mistress guides me. I dress and wait for my Queen. She soon comes, we farewell my Mistress and leave.
We walk. My collar and wrists restraints are clearly visible, but I am totally unconcerned. My Queen holds my arm as she always does when I am vulnerable, but I don’t need her protection this time. It is I who guide her, avoiding traffic and obstructions while she looks at her phone. We are both deeply happy, she is smiling and radiant. We need groceries so we find a supermarket. We complete it after a while, she pays and I carry the heavy bags home while she holds my arm. It is quite a way back to the apartment. Although I have more energy than in the last few days, I am glad when we arrive. I put the groceries away. Soon she says “I’ll go to my room now. Good night.” The door closes and I feel a sudden rush of loss and abandonment. It shocks me. I realize that I am still deeply vulnerable and I’m still high. I sit on the couch for a moment, wondering what to do. For me, the session hasn’t finished yet. I need her, but she’s gone. I’m rather lost. I sit there. I don’t understand.
Soon I get up, wash dishes and clean the kitchen. She has told me that I don’t have to wake early, that she’ll make coffee herself. I am relieved, because I need a long sleep,  but I still need to leave the kitchen clean for her. I finish and prepare for sleep. I’m happy. I sit on the bed and suddenly feel lonely. I feel again that the session is not finished. I know that sessions should be followed by a cuddle and hug and chat about the session. I am still quite high and need her to help me come down and complete. It didn’t happen and I feel hurt and confused, though still happy. I sit on the bed for a while, and realize that I am starting to come down. I lie down to sleep, not turning out the lights. It is bright in my eyes but I am asleep in a few moments. This has never happened before. I need darkness for sleep. Some hours later I wake and see the lights, yet I drift back into sleep, realizing that I am still in another world. It is taking a long time to come down. As I go, I resolve to talk about this with my Queen as soon as possible. 


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