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My punishment is predicament


On Monday 23rd my Queen told me to go and buy takeaways for a late lunch, and where to buy it. I was familiar with the place so I knew where to go. I arrived at 1.50 and placed my order. I sat and waited. And waited and waited and waited. Having eaten there before and experiencing quite good service, I had expected the same this time. But my expectations were not matched by the reality.

After half an hour my Queen messaged me:  “I’m hungry.” I replied that it’s really busy but surely the food will be coming out any minute.  Communication is not possible with the restaurant staff. After another five minutes I think that I must just walk out and find another place. But that would probably extend the delay. And the food must be coming any moment.

It doesn’t arrive until more than an hour has passed. I hurry back. She doesn’t seem to be upset. We eat and chat. On finishing, I am very tired so ask her if it’s ok to rest for half an hour. She says it’s ok. I’m gone in an instant. I wake an hour later somewhat refreshed and glad I slept

It’s early evening and I realize she’s been in her room for quite a long time. I think nothing of it and attend to some minor tasks. Suddenly the door opens. She walks in wearing an outfit which I’d seen in photos, but never close up, a red/orange latex suit with matching boots. As always I am happily shaken by her magnificent appearance, and am mesmerized. She is carrying some equipment including ropes. I know what’s coming but without detail. I am excited and I know I’m about to be tested, perhaps severely. She smiles and says:  “Play time. Now you will entertain me.”  “Yes my Queen.”  I am excited, elated. She orders me to strip. I obey. She says “Kneel.”  Ok.  “Bow to the floor.”  I do it, and stay there motionless until after a while she orders me to stand up.

“You went to get food. You knew I was hungry yet you made me wait for over an hour.  “Yes my Queen.” Then you asked  for half an hour to rest, which I gave you. You slept for an hour.  “Yes my Queen.”  You left a mess on the table.”  “Yes.”  I explain the reasons for the long delay in bringing food, and of course they are unacceptable. She advises me about how to deal with that situation if it happens again, and I must do it in spite of communication difficulties with the local people. I listen carefully. “Now clean the table and kitchen. In the future you will keep both tables clean and free of all clutter.”  “Ok my Queen.”  I clean and tidy everything as quickly as possible and stand and wait for instructions.  She looks at me, smiles, and says “I don’t always punish with my whip. Tonight your punishment is predicament.”  Her smile widens. I know she loves this activity. I’ve seen photos, but never experienced it. But I know how difficult it will be. She will push me hard up against my limits.

She begins. “Spread your feet. Wider.”  She crouches, puts ankle cuffs on, and attaches them to a spreader bar.  “Lower yourself. Lower.”  I comply. She ties my balls to the bar. I wince, she laughs.  She takes the rope behind me and it tightens as she attaches them, somewhere behind me. I gaze ahead, trying to hold the position. My thighs are already hurting and they tremble. I start to sweat. My balls are under tension from below and from behind. They hurt a little, and I know they will hurt a lot if I rise to try to relieve the pain in my thighs. It is an impossible situation. But she’s not finished. I feel her attaching a rope to my collar from behind. She pulls it until it forces my neck and head up. She attaches it and I am held in the position. If I fight my collar to try to relieve my pain, I will strangle. Likewise if I raise myself. I am caught in a total predicament, and my only recourse is my Queen.

She stands back, happily smiling and laughing, as she sees my thighs shaking and the pain and strain on my face. I feel the sweat on my face and back. She moves behind me and adjusts the collar rope. My neck and head are forced a little further back. It is getting more and more difficult, and now my whole body is trembling on top of my shaking legs. The harder it gets, the more she sighs and laughs with pleasure. I love to see it in spite of my pain. I verbalize, gasping “I am strong for my Queen,” though I am weaker than I thought I was. “Yes you are, my slave.”  It continues. I feel that I’m coming to the end of my endurance, but there is no release. Now my whole body seems to be convulsing. She’s laughing, on top of the world. She’s having the greatest fun.

I’m about to collapse. I can’t because I am held in the position. I feel faint. She wordlessly moves behind me and suddenly the pressure on my throat is released. She crouches and releases my balls. I stand, still shaking. I sink to my knees. I still feel faint so I lower my head to the ground. Shortly I’m recovered and I stand. I feel drained, and happy. She is very happy. She finishes releasing me and I slowly walk to the couch, sit, and relax.

I tell her how wonderful it is to see her in this outfit, and how much I enjoyed the whole session. She smiles and takes photos. She tells me to tidy the ropes. I ask her to show me because her method is tidy and compact. She shows me and I begin. The folding rope makes a pattern. I enjoy it. It’s calming.

We converse. “Is there a way to avoid punishment for this kind of thing?”  “No, you will always be punished for making mistakes and causing me any kind of discomfort.”  “Please advise me how I can avoid that mistake in the future.”  “You should have left after fifteen or twenty minutes and quickly bought other food.”  For a second I wonder how I can effectively buy street food, as I often don’t know what I’m looking at, but I move on and say “Ok, thanks.  I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never make you wait for food again.” She smiles. “Ok. Where there’s a will there’s a way, right.”  “Yes there is.”

She goes to her room to change while I continue folding the ropes. I am slow but there is no hurry. I’ve seen her do it before in the same relaxed way. She returns in comfortable clothes, shorts and t-shirt. She works on her phone, I fold the ropes. When I’m finished she tells me to put the ropes and spreader bar in the big suitcase in her room. I do it and sit down again. She soon announces that she will go to her room. “Goodnight my Queen.”  “Goodnight.”

I sit there a while reflecting on the session. I seem to be making progress. From the moment she walked in I was ready and eagerly waiting for what was to come. The process itself thrilled me as her tying began and continued and was completed. The position itself became excruciating, an ordeal, but I was not afraid for one second.

I go to bed, relaxed and happy, and soon I’m asleep.

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