Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT



I am proficient and skilled in every kind of activity that the Professional Dominatrix offers.

Beyond that, I have special interests and areas of expertise.

Bondage Bondage Bondage! I am skilled in Shibari and other modes of rope bondage. I can wrap you tightly in my ropes till you are helpless, unable to move. I will create beautiful rope patterns on your body. I can suspend you in many different ways. You will feel the joyful abandon of total helplessness.

Sensory Deprivation is another specialty. I can take away all your senses, so that you will only be conscious of my play with you. You will be totally under my control, and in my world, to the exclusion of all others. You will experience me in full reality.

Mummifying you will achieve the same result. You will be fully taped and enclosed, helpless, completely immobile, and will have no choice but to focus on what I am doing to your body and your mind.

Cock and Ball Torture is something I revel in. It gives me great pleasure to squeeze, kick, and trample until you don't know the difference between agony and ecstasy.

Nipple Torture is wonderful! A man's nipples can be just as sensitive as a woman's. I just love playing with them! You will experience intense pleasure, and intense pain. As well as my fingers, my instruments will help me deliver the utmost in nipple torture.

As well as everything else, I am a Strap-on Queen. I can play with you, immobilize you, prepare you, then fuck you as hard and as long as I want. You will be my toy, to use as I wish.  



You will be completely immersed in these pleasures. Prostate massage, strap on, fisting, probing, the list is long. Be it for your own pleasure or as a form of your submission, I can accommodate your needs with my large variety of toys and years of experience in this realm.


Whether your need is sexual, psychological or aesthetic, I will be delighted to indulge in your hunger to be bound and immobilized. The intensity of such an experience makes it high on my list of favourites!

CBT – Cock and ball torture

Bondage, weights, stretching, squeezing, binding, needles, electrics, temperature play; the list does not end here. This is one form of play where once I find your limits, I will practice them on you at every encounter.

CP – Corporal punishment & spanking

A thorough whipping, spanking or caning is often necessary. You may may need to be disciplined because of inappropriate behaviour. Or you may be required to offer yourself for the pleasure of Mistress. Whether it is gently erotic sensual play, or heavy flogging, you will have an intense experience. I love to leave my mark. I am proficient with every kind of implement.


Be it gentle, erotic stimulation or torture, I have the right tools for the job. Keep in mind that this is not a suitable experience for the faint hearted.

Impact play

From erotic spanking to flogging, impact play holds a special place in my heart. The intensity of this type of play can be from light and sensual to deep and dark and heavy. I love leaving my mark.

Medical play

Enter my clinic and I will treat you to all kinds of procedures using equipment including needles, sutures & electrical tools.  I will be your dominate nurse and heal your body and mind.


This is the most intense form of sensory deprivation. You will be wrapped in layer after layer of tape and cling wrap and slowly lose all awareness of the outside world. Not for the claustrophobe.

Nipple play

I can send you into ecstasy, or into a world of pain.  Fingers, clamps of every kind, I use them all.


Dehumanization is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. No matter how important you are in your world, I will strip you of your personality and turn you into an object of my entertainment. Be my guest, or my table!

Role play

A school teacher or student, a naughty nurse or stern and caring doctor, a seductive secretary who likes to show the boss her way of doing things. What’s your fantasy? Share it with me and you’ll see another of my favourite fetishes come alive.

Sensation play

I have discovered that taking away one or more of your senses or adding sensation to them is a sensational way to entertain myself. Sensory deprivation with blindfolds or enhancement by wax and ice, flogging or squeezing with my fingers or clamps are also excellent methods of extracting information from my subjects.

Sensory deprivation

Have you ever been curious about sensory deprivation? Discover for yourself what it’s like to have your sensory awareness continuously manipulated by my ever increasing collection of hoods or for the more extreme enthusiast


Suspension can be a captivating addition to any style session.

Tie and tease

If you are a first timer and wish to experience something light and erotic, I am happy to indulge you, but beware that once the connection is made, the intensity will grow and ‘light erotic’ will possibly become heavy and intensely hedonistic!


If your destination on this earth is under the feet of a beautiful Goddess adorned in boots, heels, stockings or bare skin, the search is over; you have your place. I cater from light to extreme in this fetish.


I revel in the devotion of my subs and slaves. If they are deserving, my boots and shoes or my feet and legs can be worshipped. All subs + slaves who bow and worship me will feel my power.


If you have seen an item or implement that you wish to experience for yourself, I am more than happy for you to offer it as an addition to my dungeon. I will accept gifts that I feel will compliment my dungeon or my fetish wardrobe.


If there are fetishes or tastes you appreciate that I have failed to mention, do not hesitate to query me as I may take interest or alternatively, steer you in the appropriate course to another who shares your affection, although my desire to experience new interests or acquire new skills will never cease.

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