Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT


I am discreet, safe, elaborate, and clean. These are my top priorities concerning my play scenes. I have enjoyed sessions with subs & slaves of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages, many of whom become regulars in my stable of submissives. If a quality experience is what you desire, and you wish to meet a Mistress whom you can trust, worship and respect, and if you wish to submit to a Mistress who takes great pleasure in what she does, then you have found the right Mistress.

I will be the one to take you and lead you to your fantasy and realize your fetish into reality.

Describe to me your deepest and most private fantasies, your darkest desires and fetishes. Place your trust in me and I will make your dreams come true.  If you need some assistance in describing your experience/desires feel free to utilise this checklist.

To discuss session details and availability email me by clicking the link below.



I travel regularly between Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Macau & Singapore

I do not offer services that are illegal.
No drugs or alcohol of any kind will be tolerated.
No video or pictures are allowed of me or during the session.
I do not offer refund payments as I am a Professional Dominatrix.

My Rules:

First rule: trust your Mistress

Second rule: sub with heart malfunction is restricted.

Third rule: NO SEX with Mistress. You will not touch me under any circumstances when you serve me. I am a Queen and you will respect me as such. 
Fourth rule: I don't allow anyone to ask my race, due to racial discrimination. You are paying for my skills and knowledge, not for information about my country of origin.

Fifth rule: I don't allow anyone to call me babe or any other term of endearment. Call me My Queen and do not ask me what service I am providing. It is obvious that I am a Mistress. You are the one who is going to serve me.


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