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“My Queen, may I ask you something?”


“I really hate being whipped. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s awful. It’s excruciating, unbearable. I think some men actually enjoy it, but I find it impossible. I really can’t stand it. Can I ask you to stop this punishment, my Queen?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your slave.”

“Yes, you are. So why are you asking me this? Did you not give yourself to me, for me to use and abuse you any way I like?”

“Yes, I did, but I never realized, I never knew, how terrible it is to be whipped.”

“I know how painful it is. But do you know how enjoyable it is for me? It gives me great pleasure to swing the whip, hear it whistle as it flies through the air. I love the sound of it hitting your skin. I love to see the red marks on your body. Your cries and screams excite me. I love to see you writhing and twisting, trying to avoid the pain. Do you really think I’m going to give up this pleasure? No, my slave. I will never stop.”

“God….I don’t know how I can bear it!”

“As if you had a choice! What is around your neck, you wrists, your ankles?”

“The new steel collar and shackles, my Queen. The chains. They are beautiful, but really uncomfortable. Everything is so tight.”

“Can you release yourself?”

“No, you hold the key. I trust that you will release me some time, my Queen.”

“Well, that has nothing to do with you. I will keep you in fetters for as long as it pleases me. Your discomfort brings me pleasure too. Why would I release you? Why would I stop whipping you? No, my slave, I will never release you. I will continue to whip you as often as I like. You are mine now. I own you. You know this. It has been coming for a long time. Now it is here. This is your life now. It is your future. Your slavery is permanent.”


“What? Tears? Why? This is what you wanted. From the beginning, you told me that this is your nature, your dream. To serve, to be obedient, to submit to me totally. This is what submission means. You submit to my desires. You will continue to work hard for me, in fetters, and you will accept every punishment that I inflict on you.”

“My Queen, please have pity!”

“Pity….pity….I don’t feel it. I am the opposite of most people. The more you suffer, the happier I am! This is my nature. You have always known this. Now it is too late. But to be honest, I like variety. I like to see you suffer in many different ways. Hold out your hands.”

“Oh thank you! What a relief; those things have been hurting me for hours!”

“Relief? You think so? How amusing! Now, hands behind back!”

“God, now what, my Queen. The rope is tight too!”

“Of course it is. Now, off with the collar and ankle cuffs. Mmmmm….what beautiful red marks! Now, to the dungeon.”

“Yes my Queen.”

“Okay. Stand here. Now, you see my noose? I prepared it earlier. It is ready for your neck. There. It fits nicely. A little tighter...yes...perfect. Now, the cord for your cock and balls. Hmmmm….you’re trembling already. You know what’s coming? Well, it’s neither here nor there….soon you will know! Okay….nice. I love to tie you tight like this!”

“My Queen! God, what are you doing?!”

“I just love to pull on your balls! You’d better bend your thighs lower. If you don’t...your balls won’t stay with you for long! Lower! That’s it. Now...you are fastened to the floor ring.”

“Ah God!”

“Now, I need to shorten my rope a little. Yes. Feel the noose getting tighter?”

“Yes….I’m afraid, my Queen!”

“Well, you asked for pity, so I give you pity. I won’t pull the rope any tighter. It is not very tight, is it?”

“No. But my thighs are already hurting. If I try to stand up, my balls! If I try to squat or kneel….my Queen, please! The rope won’t let me! I will be hanged!”

“Yes! What a lovely predicament! Your balls or you neck? This is my gift to you my slave. I give you the gift of choice!”

“Gooooood…..my thighs!”

“Good, good, keep moaning. I love it! How long can you last? Thirty minutes? Twenty? Whatever you think you can bear, I will keep you there longer! It is so exciting! Ah….your thighs are shaking, look at the sweat running off you! Wonderful!”

“Pleeease! Pleeeeease.!”

“Ah...fantastic! You can’t hold the position. Now I might see you hang!”


“Oh my slave! How wonderful! Look at your face! Purple and contorted! How long can you last!? Oh my God, you found some strength to push up! Superb! But the noose stays tight! That’s how I tied it. No relief for you! Ah….now you’re sinking again. Well, I don’t want you to die. Here, now the cord is off. You can stand. Now, I will loosen the noose. You can breathe again. Ah! ...I love to see your tears! Tears of relief? Maybe.”

“Yes my Queen. Relief. I thought I was going to die!”

“Another five minutes and you would have. But no, it is not your time. You will be my slave for many years to come.”

“Yes my Queen.”

“How humble you are! You see how useful punishment is? Your ego is under control now. You are submitting more and more deeply.”

“Yes my Queen.”

“How do you feel?”

“Just that, my Queen. Submitted. I know you will never release me, that you will continue to punish me. I will try to accept it.”

“You should. In fact you should embrace it, welcome it. It is your duty to please me. This is one of the ways you can please me.”

“Yes, I will try my best, my Queen.”

“Good. Now, off with the wrist rope, and on with the shackles. Up to the kitchen. Prepare dinner and pour me a glass of wine.”

“Yes my Queen, it is my honour to serve you.”

“Yes it is. Go now. And never forget, your slavery will end when your life ends. Not before. It is forever.”

“Yes my Queen. Thank you.”


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