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A Real Slave 3

I have always had a fascination with the classic Chinese dress, the cheongsam. I had always admired the beauty of Chinese women wearing this dress, not least because of the dress itself. With it’s brilliantly coloured silk, it’s high collar, and the slits that reveal the woman’s thighs, well, I was fixated! Similarly I have always been attracted to women wearing beautiful silk scarves.

My Mistress had asked me to reveal myself to her, every detail, every hidden and not so hidden desire and interest. Before my next session she ordered me to buy a cheongsam  and some scarves, and bring them. Of course I complied.

The third meeting with her was as momentous as the two previous. She met me for coffee on the terrace of the hotel. She was dressed in simple street clothes, a grey and white dress, and white sneakers. Dressed like this she looked as beautiful and elegant as ever. “Get me my coffee.” It was an order, softly delivered. “Two shots, two sugars, five milks.” After some nervous fumbling I brought the cup to her. We talked, she drank her coffee. We talked some more. “Another coffee.” Again it was an order.  She sipped her coffee, then said “We go upstairs now.”

Once inside, she closed the door and I knelt before her. Again she slapped me, twice. It stung my cheeks, but it felt like her blessing. “Show me your clothes.” I opened my bag, pulled out the dress and scarves. She turned them over in her hands, then said “Put it on.” It was black and red, heavy satin, and tight on my body. I obeyed. It was tight enough around my chest to restrict my breathing slightly. She chose a small red silk scarf, circled it twice around my neck, and knotted it. She stood back, gazing at me with her extraordinary green eyes. “Beautiful” was all she said.

She picked up a long yellow silk scarf. Suddenly and savagely she wound it several times  around my mouth between my teeth, pulled it very tight and knotted it. I was thoroughly gagged! She chose other scarves, and wound them around my face and head, forming a hood. I could see nothing and the air inside the scarves quickly became warm and close. “Hands behind back” came the order. I obeyed and quickly felt my wrists being bound with yet another scarf. Then she grabbed my collar and started pulling and moaning I was gasping for air and my head was starting to swim. Soon, I knew I would pass out. She released me with a long sigh.

“On your knees.”  I obeyed. My ankles were quickly tied. Then, a heavy pressure as she used a scarf to draw my wrists to my ankles. It was painful. My wrists were bound so tightly that I knew the circulation would soon stop. I felt her knot the scarf. Then she pushed my head to the floor. I felt her tie a scarf around my body and thighs. I was now trapped, my wrists hurting badly, my head touching the floor, my body compressed by the dress and the scarves. I was bound in a slave position, bowed inescapably before my mistress.

I heard her leave the room, go to her bedroom.

Very soon my whole body was burning. I tried to raise myself. Impossible. I tried to relieve the pressure on my wrists. Also impossible. I had no choice but to stay there, immovable as a statue.

My moans became louder, as loud as the gag would allow. I felt that I was really in trouble. The pain was as intense as anything I had felt before. My moans became continuous. No release. She occasionally said something from her room, but I couldn’t hear. My hood prevented it. Several times I reached the limit of my endurance. Yet release still didn’t come. I fell silent. But not for long. The pain got worse so I began crying and moaning all the more. I could not stop myself.

After what seemed hours, and when I felt on the verge of insanity, she came back into the room and started to untie the scarves. Oh God, what relief! I was free. I stayed on the floor, exhausted.

We talked a little, then she brought some play things that I hadn’t seen before. They were like dildos, but small. She flicked a switch on the one in her hand and I heard a buzzing sound. “I give pleasure as well as pain” she said. She held it against my anus. She applied lubricant and started to push it gently into me. It was a strange feeling. But pleasurable. She went deeper. Something hurt a little. I told her and she eased off. Then continued. The dildo was deep inside me now and was getting more pleasurable. I laid back, enjoying the sensations after all he pain I had endured.

We talked as she played. She told me to play with my cock. I did so, but it seemed to have little feeling. Soon I forgot the pain and just experienced the pleasure of her attentions. After a long time she stopped and cleaned me, and told me to get dressed.

I obeyed. She said “We may talk tomorrow. You are my slave now. I own you. You have no choice. It is your fate.”   I nodded my agreement, bowed. She opened the door and I left.


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