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She Wins

I knock on her door. It silently opens, and I close it behind me. My Queen stands there, dressed differently than before. She wears a black silk robe loosely tied at the waist, elegant black high heels, and a black silk choker. As usual, my mind is stunned and I drop to my knees. Her expression is serious and her green eyes glitter.


She fastens my collar, and attaches it to a leash. She walks quickly around the room. I fail to keep up and the collar strangles me. She pulls me up on the bed. “On your front” comes the command. In a second her whip is pounding my back. I cannot count the strokes; her whipping destroys my mind. I only know immense pain. I scream, and she stops. “I have warned you. Don’t scream. You know what can happen.”  She whips again but I can’t control my voice. The pain tears the shouts and screams from my body. She whips harder. I hear her panting and moaning. She doesn’t stop. The more I scream the more she whips. She is making snarling noises. They terrify me. I am out of my mind with pain.


Suddenly it stops and before I know what is happening my hands are tied tight behind me, then my ankles. “Turn over.”  I don’t recognize her voice. It is stronger, deeper. It is hers, but not hers. I obey. Her face shocks me. It is the face of a beautiful demon. It isn’t my Queen. Yet it is.


“You have have woken my evil sister” she says. I gaze into her eyes, petrified. Her power and malevolence are overwhelming. “Anything can happen now. She is in control.”


She drinks some water. She stares at me, saying nothing. I tremble. She gets up, bringing her ropes. She turns me over again. She works quickly, efficiently. Very soon my hands are forced up my back and tied to my neck. I know this position. It is hard, but bearable, for a while. But then I feel her force my legs towards my back. Immediately a rope attaches my ankles to my wrists, and I am utterly helpless, unable to move. The rope around my neck is tight, but it won’t strangle me.


She moves to her bed, lies down on her side, and gazes at me. “Now, it is your times to complete my fulfillment.”  Again I am terrified. I know her but I don’t know her. I have awakened some creature from hell. “Soon your legs will grow very tired and sore. You will try to relax them. But if you do, the rope will tighten around your neck. So you will try to bear the pain in your legs. You can, but not for long. It is inevitable that your legs will try to straighten, and you will be strangled.”


I try to beg for mercy but I cannot get a word out. She relaxes and continues to watch me. She is right. Now my thighs are burning. I try to extend them a little, but only succeed in drawing the rope tighter around my neck. She sighs and moans. “You see, you are doomed. Maybe you will live, maybe you will die. We are both here, my evil sister and me. But who is in control?”


My tears are flowing. She comes, and licks them. She returns to the bed. My legs hurt more and more, they are on fire. Again I try to relax them and the rope grows ever tighter. She sighs, and growls, and moans. I am beyond fear now. I just long for this torture to end, one way or another. She hears my thoughts. “No, slave. This won’t be quick. You may last the whole night. You are my toy. I own you, in life and in death. I am free. I will do what I want for my pleasure and fulfillment.”


She comes to me, and adjusts the ropes. Suddenly the pressure on my throat is eased a little. I croak “Thank you my Queen.”  She laughs an evil laugh. “Who do you think you are you talking to? Which me?”  “I don’t know.”  “Nor do I” she says and laughs again.


I try to get more comfortable, but it is impossible. My whole body is on fire, neck, arms, shoulders, back, wrists, legs, ankles. She sees my wriggling and again laughs. “Do you think you can escape?” “No my Queen.”  “No. Never” she says.


She lies down, breathes a deep sigh, and seems to fall asleep.


I don’t know how long I am there, nor how long she sleeps. But suddenly she wakes, looks at me, her eyes shooting green fire. She quickly comes to me and reties the ropes. Now I am strangling again, worse than before.  Again she lies down. “Let me see you struggle. Your time is coming fast.”  I try to obey but can barely move an inch, and every movement strangles me more. She is breathing heavily, moaning and sighing, and saying strange words that I cannot hear or understand. My thighs start to cramp and the big muscles contract, pulling the rope so tight that I have no way to breathe. I know my face is purple. She screams then, a wild scream. Through the mist in my eyes I see her writhing on her bed. Is she in orgasm? Agony? I don’t know. The stars in my vision get brighter against the gathering darkness.


In the very next instant I say ‘What happened?” Then I feel the ropes and I remember. I am alive! I am tied still, but not as tightly. She sleeps on her bed. I move, carefully. I find that my legs can move. I stretch them. Bliss! And I can breathe freely now. She has released me, partially. My wrists and ankles are bound tight still.


There is no reply from her. She seems to be in a very deep sleep. I have no idea how much time has passed. I try to get comfortable. I think about what has happened tonight. I wonder who is sleeping, my Queen or a demon?


I drift, and fall away into sleep.





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