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A timid knock sounded on the door of the well known mistress.

“Come in.”

“Thanks. Hi.    Ouch! What was that for?”

“You will address me as Mistress.”

“Ok.  Ouch! Fuck! That really hurt!”

“Do you want another slap? Call me Mistress!”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t get it, Mistress.”

“Also you won’t use rude language in my presence.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-one.  Ow! Ouch!  Sorry, sorry. I forgot. Please stop slapping me Mistress!”

“Are you a slow learner? It seems so.”

“I don’t know Mistress. I want to find out about bdsm.”

“What do you know about bdsm?”

“Only what I’ve read online, Mistress.”

“Why are you interested in it?”

“Well Mistress, I think I want to be a slave.”


“Because I want to be tied up by a dominant woman. Maybe I want to be spanked.”


“I haven’t been to a place like this, Mistress. I don’t really know what I want. But I’ve seen slaves tied with lots of rope and being hit with canes or whips, and it interests me. Mistress.”

“Are you a slave?”

“Yes, I think so. I want to be dominated. Maybe I want to be punished, Mistress.”

“What else do you want?”

“I think I want to be gagged, Mistress. I’ve seen ball gags online and I think they’re exciting.”

“And you think you are a slave?”

“Maybe yes, I think so, Mistress.”

“What is a slave, a real slave?”

“Mistress, I think it’s someone who wants to be tied up and whipped and gagged and humiliated.”

“Why does a slave want this?”

“He just does Mistress. He loves to be treated like that. It gives him pleasure.”

“Do you want to be a real slave now?”

“I think so, Mistress.”

“You think so? Don’t waste my time. Tell me now, or leave!”

“Y...yes Mistress I want to!”

“Very well. Where is your money?”

“Here Mistress.”

“Put it on the table.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Now. Kneel.”

“Ok Mistress.”

“Mistress, what are you doing?”

“I’m putting a collar on you, slave. Don’t you like it?”

“Um, um...it’s tight, Mistress!”

“Yes, it’s tight. First lesson. Mistress treats her slave any way she likes! You will bear it. Now, your leash.”

“M..m...Mistress, am  I a dog now?”

“No. You are a slave. Right?”

“Y….yes Mistress.  Ow! Ow! My neck hurts!  Ouch! Please, please Mistress, no more slaps, Mistress!”

“You are definitely a slow learner! Your first job is to clean the bathroom.”

“B...b...b….bathroom mistress?”

“Yes. You’re a slave! Second lesson. A slave exists to serve and please his mistress. You will serve me by cleaning the bathroom. Start cleaning!”

“Ok Mistress.”

“Well. Half an hour, and you call this clean!”

“Oh no, please Mistress please! Ouch. Oh fuck! It hurts so much! Please stop Mistress. Please. Please! Oh God! No no! Please please stop!”

“You wanted to be spanked slave. Now your ass is nicely striped by my cane. Third lesson. Mistress will punish slave in any way she likes, as severely as she likes. Do you still want to be a slave?”

“ No, please no, Mistress! It’s too hard and painful!”

“Fourth lesson. Mistress owns slave totally, mind body and soul. Slave exists solely to provide pleasure for his Mistress. I happen to like caning young asses. It gives me pleasure to do so. Now you know.”

“Ok Mistress, but may I go now?’

“What? Didn’t you just hear me? I own you! You’re my slave. You’re going nowhere!”

“Oh God!”

“Now, clean it again. You have fifteen minutes to make it spotless. If you fail you will be caned again!”

“Yes Mistress!”

“Fourteen minutes. Very well, it is clean enough. Now, to the kitchen.”

“Please slow down Mistress. You’re strangling me!”

“You’d better keep up then! Now, clean the kitchen”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Twenty minutes.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Twenty minutes exactly. Well, it’s clean. You’re learning. Do you enjoy being a slave, slave?”

“No Mistress!”

“Fifth lesson:  a slave can expect no joy from being a slave. He serves his mistress selflessly, with no thought of any reward whatsoever, except the knowledge that he is making his mistress’s life more comfortable.

“Am I finished yet Mistress?”

“No. Not quite. Let’s go to the bedroom. Good! That’s better. You’re learning to crawl fast! Now, you will massage my feet. They’re a little tired today. But before we start…..open your mouth...yes…..now...ok. How do you like your gag? It’s what you wanted, right?”

“Mmmm  mmmm  mm.”

“Oh, you like it and you don’t like it. That’s ok slave. I like it and that’s all that is important. Start massaging.”

“Mmmmmmmmm  mmm.”

“What? You don’t know how? You’d better learn fast or a whipping will be coming your way!”


“Ok, it’s not bad. It’s ok. You gave me some pleasure. But you’re still to going get a whipping, because that is even more pleasurable to me than foot massage! Sixth lesson. A slave gives his mistress any pleasure that she demands. A slave expects no pleasure at all, other than the pleasure he derives from giving pleasure to his mistress.  Up on the bed now slave!”

“Mmmm gggg mmmmgggggg!”

“Only five strokes and you’re crying like a baby! Very well. We are finished. Let’s get that gag out and the collar off. How are you feeling?”

“Mistress, I hated cleaning, and the collar and gag and cane and whip were horrible! But I kind of liked it.”

“Do you want to be my slave forever? Are you prepared for selfless service, for punishment for no reason, to lose your freedom totally, to have no choices except what Mistress gives you? To wear a collar permanently, to give pleasure to your mistress any time she wants it? All with no expectation of any reward at all, ever? ”

“Sorry Mistress, no! I couldn’t do it.”

“Are you a slave then?”

“I guess not, Mistress. But I want to be tied and whipped, just not so hard! What am I Mistress? Please tell me.”

“You’re right. You’re no slave. You are a submissive. A sub. Final lesson. A sub exists for his own pleasure. Not for the pleasure of his Mistress. A slave exists for the pleasure of his mistress, not for his own pleasure.”

“Now you can go. Think about today. You can come back to see me again if you want, but not as slave. No, you are a sub, and that is how you will come to me, if you want. True slaves are rare. They know how to love, serve, please, and adore a mistress. They make a mistress’s life easy and pleasurable, and the meaning of their life is just this, and no more. They live to serve.”


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