Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT


Queen Kali Rain is a Bondage Queen, without a doubt. I discovered this recently when she gave me a bondage session. She began by making me stand in front of a mirror while starting to tie ropes around my chest and arms. It took quite a while but when she showed me in the mirror what she’d done, I realized why. She had created a beautiful rope pattern on my back. It was wonderful to be used like this as an artist’s canvas! Beautiful, but also effective. My upper body was thoroughly immobilized. Then she put me face down on a bed and finished by binding my legs, then attaching my feet to my back in a kind of hogtie.

Her bonds are tight but not painful. Wound around and around my body, arms, legs and feet, the ropes felt heavy and so strong. I was helpless almost from when she started, but by the time she finished, some time later, I was totally unable to move. I mean, not even an inch.

Being tied up like this is beyond thrilling. Queen Kali Rain is very beautiful, very powerful. To feel her make me totally helpless is so exciting! And to see her artistry with her ropes is a beautiful thing. Soon I was feeling the euphoria that subs feel when being dealt with by a great Dominatrix.  I didn’t know when it would end and I didn’t care. I just surrendered to her process. It continued and continued and although I couldn’t move, and it felt like forever, I felt great. I forgot about release and in my deep sub space I just let go and put all my trust in her.

I don’t know how long it lasted but eventually she released me. In my mind and emotions, I was  somewhere close to heaven! After a while I came back to myself. I was deeply relaxed and happy, and  left with the greatest respect and admiration for this Queen and her skills. I hope I can have it again some time. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Absolutely precious!


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