Queen Kali Rain Dominatrix

Professional Asian Dominatrix in South East Asia

The most beaututiful and powerful professional asian Dominatrix in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau & Thailand.  Bondage, Discipline, SM, CBT



I am extreme. I always was. Pain and suffering have always attracted me, since I was a child. You have no idea the effect your pain has on me. You can hear my cries of pleasure. You can hear my pleading, my desire to destroy you with pain. But you still cannot feel what I feel. I will make you feel. I will inflict so much pain that you will lose your mind. You will enter my mind. We will be one, in ecstasy and pain and suffering. Not only will I own you, you will not have a self. My Self will hold your self within. There will be no you. Only Me and you within. This is beyond obedience. This is dissolution. This is our destiny.


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