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A Real Slave

My name is Theodore. I am a slave. Not full time; no, part time. But eventually I will be a full time slave.


What does it mean, a slave? This is 2016, after all! Slavery was abolished a hundred and fifty years ago!


That is true, but still, I am a slave. I have given myself, mind, body and soul, to my Mistress. Without limitation. I will give her my life if she demands it. She owns me. She will own me until the day I die. Perhaps she will own me for all eternity. I hope so.


I met her in cyberspace only recently. Less than a month ago. In the beginning we talked online. She told me who she is, I told her who I am. Nothing was held back, nothing was hidden. She is a professional dominatrix. Her passion and her profession is to dominate, control, and punish submissive men. She loves to inflict pain. The more intense the pain, the better she likes it. She has many techniques, many kinds of tools.


She is beautiful. Very beautiful. Tall; green eyes, olive skin, and a perfect body. She is Asian.

She has excellent taste. Her clothes suit her perfectly. She is elegant, exquisite, regal. A queen.


I met her in person one week ago.


When she walked into my hotel room, I was thrown into confusion. I had seen her photos, but in person she was very different. Tall. Dressed like a model, in a beautifully tailored white and black dress. Quietly spoken. Other worldly. Ageless.


She moved to the window and looked at the cemetery below. “Ah, death” she murmured. “I like this room.”


She turned to me and pointed to the floor. I understood instantly. I dropped to my knees. “This is how you will greet me in future” she said quietly. “Yes mistress” I managed to say in my confusion and nervousness. “Take off your clothes.”  It was an order, spoken softly and seriously. I complied.


She drew something from her bag. I recognized it from photos. It was a ball gag. She pushed the small blue plastic ball into my mouth, and strapped it in place. It was uncomfortable and it prevented speech. I could have resisted but I dared not. Already this woman had power over me.



She showed me her arm. “Take it” she said. I didn’t understand. She had some jewellery on her wrist. Then I comprehended what I was looking at. “Take it off.” Again it was a command, softly spoken. I fumbled, trying to remove it from her arm. I succeeded. It was a collar, thin, with golden studs. It was quite beautiful. “Put it on” she said. I tried, again fumbling. “Please Mistress, you put it on”.  She did, fastening it around my neck. It was close, a choker. “Nice” she said. I felt that this was a profound moment. She was collaring me, in a way, something I had read about.



Suddenly she picked up a garment from the bed, wound it around my face and into my mouth, and knotted it hard behind my head. She gagged me completely. “It is my skirt. Now it is your gag.” she whispered in my ear. My mouth was full of her skirt, her subtle fragrance in my nostrils.

She said “Hands behind back.”  Again I obeyed. I felt her binding my wrists with rope. The ropes were heavy and incontrovertible. She tied my ankles in the same way. I was now helpless. She touched my nipples, softly caressing them. Then she pinched them and twisted them hard. The sudden pain forced my back into an arch and a cry from my lips. She smiled. “Look into my eyes”. I obeyed. Her eyes are so beautiful that it is difficult to gaze into them. She is powerful, a goddess. But I obeyed as best I could.


She stayed behind me. I felt her fingers on my collar. Suddenly she pulled, tightening it around my neck. I gasped, she sighed. She tightened it more, moaning. I pushed myself back, trying to relieve the pressure on my throat. She was strangling me! “I will kill you now! Only your death will satisfy me!”  The words terrified me, and excited me beyond understanding. I wanted her to do it! My head was swimming when she suddenly released me. “My God! My Mistress!’ I gasped. She gazed into my eyes and said “You are mine now. In life and in death. I can take you any time I like.” “Yes you can, Mistress. I am yours!”.  “Yes you are, forever.” 


She reached into her bag again. The next moment I felt intense pain in my nipples. Then on my cock and my balls. She had put clamps on me! It hurt! I groaned. “Good, good.” she murmured. “Suffer for me.”  “I do, Mistress, I do!”


I was on my back on the floor. She gazed into my eyes, pinched my nostrils with one hand and covered my mouth with the other. Now I was being smothered! Not one particle of breath was I allowed. My lungs needed it. I struggled. She held me. I struggled and kicked, and she released me. A long sigh came from her mouth.


Then I felt another rope being passed around my neck. She pulled it tight. I was forced to arch my back. The pressure did not change. She fastened the rope to my ankles. Tears were in my eyes. I remained in my arched position. It hurt my back. I had a choice. Stay like that and suffer my sore back, or try to relieve the pressure and suffer strangulation! She sighed again.


I had long since lost all sense of time. I felt her release my neck and I collapsed at her feet, exhausted and shaken to the core of my being. I rested there. I saw her gorgeous legs. “May I kiss you, Mistress?”  She replied, “Kiss my shoes.” I obeyed, kissing her beautiful high heels. It was a new experience. It was profound. I was honoring this woman, worshiping her.


After a while, she spoke. ‘You will wear my collar forever.”  “Yes Mistress.” “I own you forever. You can satisfy me. I want you and I will have you.”  “Yes, Mistress, I am yours. I want nothing else.” “Good.”


We talked for a while, about what had happened, and what would happen in the future. Then she ordered me to put her things into her bags. I obeyed. “I will see you tomorrow. Come to my room.”  “Yes Mistress.”  I saw her to the door and she was gone.





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