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A Caning. Not for the faint hearted

A sub approached me, and asked me to give him a whipping and caning, with no limits, no safe word. He made it clear that he wanted me to whip and cane him as long and hard as I wished. I was happy to oblige. What follows is an account of the session, in the sub's own words.


"The most intense caning session I've experience.


Queen Kali Rain is a stunning dominatrix when I first saw her. I was not afraid of the punishment that she was about to administer on my bare ass bottom at first. I was bound on my hands and legs pretty tight, definitely could not escape from that position where by my ass was stick up high in the air. We had a discussion that there will be no safe word during the session, that means no matter how painful it will be, I have to bare it.


When I was tied up, head facing down and was gag, the first sound of the bull whip did excite me when she swings in the air, few seconds later, the first whip lash on my bare bottom with full strength, the sound of the whip lashing to my ass was very pleasant , and it did hurt real bad. Since I was gagged, I could not say a word but just scream in pain. My Queen just continued whipping my ass for another 20 strokes without pausing and I could not avoid it.


Minutes later, she took a tail whip and continue whipping my ass as a warm up, and it wasn't that bad, I told myself , this will be the least painful equipment, so I was hoping for her to whip me with it for at least 100 lashes, as it was bearable. Once she was done with the tail whip, she then moved into a wooden cane. She loved using that cane on me because it was solid and unbreakable. She did cane me hard and fast with it, and each time I tried hard to turn my ass aside, she would strictly command me to stick my ass up and stay in position, and I obliged immediately. My ass started to feel warm and swollen by then, and she would use her gentle hands to touch my ass cheek and I enjoyed it when she lay her beautiful hands on my ass. She then went on with a thicker cane, and this particular cane hurts the most! I barely can take it, but I did not had a choice. Once she had tried all the tools on my ass, I've probably had taken 200 strokes in total by then.


She then ungag my mouth and tells me, she's going to cane me with each cane up to 200 strokes and she will stop by random and asks me how many strokes we have completed so far, if I get it wrong, she's gonna start over from 1. This part is where I must focus in order to save my ass from the intensity  of my Queen. The first caned she used on my ass, I managed to not miscount any given strokes. However my ass started bleeding by then. She canes hard and fast and I just stick my ass up and take it and try not to miscount. The second cane, was the most brutal in the whole session. I miscounted 5 times, and each time it was already a 150 strokes or more. She enjoyed starting over again and she really loves it when my blood splashes out non stop. It was like taking a shower with blood, every stroke she gave, I felt my ass blood splashing all over my body and I could see that she's enjoying. There was a time, when I knew the count was 173, and she stopped and ask how many was it, I purposely said 175, and she immediately says Start over, I wanted to let her go all out on my ass and she really did. I was really in pain but I took every strokes, so long it pleases her.


Roughly about 1000 strokes has been lashed in my bare bottom ass cheeks, and my skin has already cracked and it was very bloody and pinkish, she stopped for awhile, enjoying my blood on her hands. I then told her I will take more from you my lovely Queen. My ass is already in a very bad shape and it was bleeding heavily, and she was very excited that I will actually want more beatings. She then uses a thin cane and cane me, this time it hurt very badly and because I promise her that I will stick my ass up and not moved, I did so, enduring all the pain until the cane breaks. Immediately she takes out the thick cane, and I knew that was going to hurt the most. Each time she a caned me hard with that cane, I turn my ass aside because it was too painful, she never stopped caning me for at least 100 strokes on my pinkish ass, and she would keep asking me to get in position which I did and can only endure one stroke before I turn my ass again. I loved it a lot when I see her enjoying the caning she lays on me and the pain was very great, but once I have completely submitted myself to her, I would let her go all out on me and no matter how much pain is it, I will endure it.


Queen Kali really meant what she said. Her fetish is extreme pain, that's for real, she will literally cane and whip you until you bleed a lot. My advice to other subs out there who likes CP or caning, try having a safe word during the session or you might pass out :). Cheers.!"


This sub has spoken truthfully. What he has described is exactly what happened. As always, if you approach me, be careful what you ask for. I will satisfy your wildest desires, no matter what they are. And I will take pleasure in doing so. I can be as extreme as you wish. This sub's testimony is the proof.


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